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by Bliss72 on Feb 12, 2014 at 09:46 AM

It is an EA game, and you need to have an Origin account. I wouldn't normally suggest an EA game (for obvious reasons) but its a beta, and you aren't giving them anything.
by PropCake on Jan 27, 2014 at 12:40 AM

Looks like crab.
Fights like robot.
looks like crab.
Fights like robot.

That is all.
by Bliss72 on Jan 23, 2014 at 09:26 AM

If you are a current backer of Star Citizen and would like to be added to the current roster please click here or provide us with your name to get an invitation.

I imagine we have about a month or two before dogfighter is released and am very excited about what "Graphs" and "Fleet" will be.

Check it out!
by Bliss72 on Jan 18, 2014 at 07:33 AM

So the matchmaking hotfix came earlier than the rest of the upcoming changes. That said I will be retiring BOSS_MECH_01 and taking my main account off the achievement shelf for some carnage.

We are rolling out some changes to our matchmaking system with the goal of finding more suitable matches for our players. This update will allow us to take many more variables into account during the search for the highest quality match and it's a system that can be adjusted easier than before. Rather than use one set value as an assessment for a player, each player will be dynamically rated against a server based on multiple conditions. As a result, it becomes a sliding scale of match quality (such as POOR, GOOD or GREAT) instead of a simple YES or NO. This release next week also puts the greatest amount of weight on player skill when gauging the quality of a match for a player.

If players use Quick Match this process will happen in the background, invisible to players just as it is now. For those who use the Server Browser, they will see a small change to accommodate this new system. Players will now see a column labeled "Quality" and a rating of 1-3 stars will be assigned to each server. The more stars you see next to a server, the better the quality for you as a player. We block players from joining a server that has no stars and warn players attempting to join a 1 star server that it is a poor qualitative choice for them.

Variables currently taken into account by the updated system (not listed in any particular order):
  • Player Skill
  • Pilot Level
  • Party Size (if applicable)
  • How new a player is to HAWKEN (if applicable)
  • New players to HAWKEN will have better experience than previously by seeing the difficulty of their opponents slowly ramp up as they start winning or their rating drop more quickly if they’re struggling. New players will not have immediate access to the Server Browser.

Repair Torch
  • Increased reconstruction rate while target taking damage from 35 to 40
  • Increased reconstruction rate while target not taking damage from 55 to 70
  • Decreased reconstruction beam lock-on degrees from 75 to 60
Amplification Ability
  • Decreased reconstruction rate while target taking damage from 130 to 80
  • Decreased reconstruction rate while target not taking damage from 150 to 140
Developer's Note: We wanted to increase the Technician's regular effectiveness but reduced beam stickiness to force the user to track their target a bit more. We also wanted to pull Amplification back a bit so that there is a better chance to out damage the repair rate in combat.
Game Modes
The battleship will now start attacking the enemy base once it has traveled 25% of its route. This means the battleship will begin attacking the enemy base 40 seconds after launch
  • Once both battleships are launched, they will begin to attack each other immediately
  • Decreased armor of first battleship from 12000 to 8000
  • Increased armor of subsequent battleships from 3000 to 4000 per battleship
  • Decreased base damage to battleship from 70 to 40 damage per second
  • Decreased battleship damage to base from 23 to 6 damage per second
  • Decreased battleship damage to enemy battleship from 55 to 36 damage per second
  • Battleship turrets no longer attack players. The battleship will only attack the enemy battleship and base.
  • Destroying enemy battleship turrets will now reduce the damage taken by your battleship and base
  • Each battleship turret deals 1 damage per second to enemy bases
  • Each battleship turret deals 6 damage per second to enemy battleships
  • Each subsequent battleship will require an increasingly larger amount of energy units (EU) to launch. It will cost an extra 100 EU to launch each subsequent battleship
  • Decreased cost to launch first battleship from 800 to 500 EU
  • Increased the time meter to launch an anti-air missile from 17.5 to 20. This means that if only one person is holding the Anti-Air, it will take 20 seconds to launch an anti-air missile. Having two people present will increase the launch rate by 50%, and three people will increase the launch rate by 75%
  • Increased anti-air missile damage from 2000 to 3200
  • Increased the max EU stored by an energy tree from 100 to 250 EU
  • Decreased regeneration rate of EU trees from 20 to 4.5 EU per second
  • EU trees will now display the current amount of EU it contains in the HUD
  • Mechs spawning no longer subtracts EU from team EU pool. A destroyed mech will only drop the current amount of EU they are holding
Developer's Note: We have reworked some of how Siege Mode functions with the goal of more accurately reflecting how close a match was and to also reduce some of the frustrations that players can experience with the mode. It was very easy to get the wrong impression about how close a match was when viewing a final result (such as 3000 to 0) and a landslide victory could be suggested even though the match might have been much closer in reality.

As a result of these changes you'll find that each ship launch now feels more like the team is progressing in some way. Changes to the EU collection phase will impact pacing and players will feel less frustration now that Battleships no longer attack them directly.
by Bliss72 on Jan 10, 2014 at 09:14 AM

Full news post here

Apparently Meteor has listened to the fans and have reverted back to MMR instead of pilot levels when making matches.

Other things that I like about the next patch (unknown date):

Tuning points are gone - Prepare for super balanced play
Mech levels represent your playtime - You get everything except all weapons when you play a mech, mech levels do something else
Mech trials are back - You can purchase Mechs or play them during trials
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